April 28 2022 – Adthena and customers have been shortlisted for two Global Agency Awards:

  1. Adthena & Journey Further – Best PPC Campaign
  2. Adthena & GIMO – Best PPC Campaign

The Global Agency Awards recognizes and rewards the work of agencies who are transforming businesses through innovative engaging strategies across multiple marketing media.

Adthena & GIMO: saving €1 million by halting the brand bidding game

GIMO is a specialist digital marketing agency for the highly-competitive iGaming industry, and PPC is a vital tool they use to keep their clients at the top of their game.

But in gaming, you can’t take anything for granted. Competitors will always want to poach your clicks and players, and sometimes they do it by leveraging your brand terms. In fact, over the past few years, brand bidding was driving up CPCs significantly for GIMO’s clients.

GIMO knew that to get the best return on ad spend, they had to take action to protect brand terms in a consistent and scalable way. They couldn’t just hope to catch a few infringements with manual monitoring. They needed a much more rigorous strategy. So, GIMO deployed the Adthena search intelligence platform to automatically and continuously police the gaming landscape for brand infringements.

By identifying and halting those brand infringements and the resulting bidding wars from specific competitors, GIMO was able to dramatically lower CPC costs for its gaming clients.

The result was a massive saving on brand spend of €1 million+ over 2 years. By cutting brand CPCs nearly in half, GIMO clients captured more clicks for their money and were able to take full advantage of pandemic-driven increases in online gaming participation and revenue.

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Adthena & Journey Further  – Search intel delivers +97% revenue in home decor 

For many home-bound consumers, the Covid-19 pandemic was motivation to finally prioritize overdue home improvement projects. This created big opportunities (and competition) for DIY and home decor brands. This is the story of how one direct-to-consumer leader in retail home furnishings took advantage of the flourishing trend and used search intelligence to reap the rewards.

The retailer, and their agency Journey Further, knew they needed to make the most of the moment in early 2021, and stand out from the crowd. Adthena’s search intel revealed market-wide competitive benchmarks, Google Shopping rankings vs. rivals, and new terms to optimize ad copy, which together informed the retailer’s SEM strategy and delivered the following outcomes:

  • +27% Impression share
  • +97% Google Shopping revenue
  • +14% Market Share

To compete in such a hot marketplace, Journey Further knew they needed insights others would overlook, and the Google toolset was limiting. Adthena provided an edge and delivered a market-wide look at its client’s audience, categories, and competitive landscape to surface opportunities. Journey Further applied that knowledge to the search strategy, and the results for the retailer were excellent across the board.

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