Staying in front of the ever-changing world of digital marketing and paid search is a never ending challenge. You have to identify trends, understand the ever changing competitive landscape, and respond quickly to capitalize on new opportunities. But who has time to sift through vast amounts of data? It’s a time-consuming nightmare. That’s where Adthena’s newest feature, Market Movements GenAI Summary, is here to help. 

What is it?

Imagine one button and with a single click, you can unlock the power of Adthena’s advanced AI generating a text-based summary that reveals strategic and competitive insights buried in your Adthena Market Movements data. That’s what Market Movements AI Summary offers.

Adthena's new feature: Market Movements AI summary button

How does the GenAI feature work?

With a single click, Adthena AI goes to work, analyzing trends and identifying the most impactful movements within your market. This information is then transformed into a concise and actionable summary, presented in a convenient drop-down window directly on the Market Movements dashboard.

Adthena's new platform feature: Market Movements AI summary

What’s the value for you?

This innovative feature empowers you to:

  • Gain instant insights: Cut through the clutter and get a quick understanding of what’s happening in your market.
  • Save valuable time: Stop wasting time deciphering data – let the AI do the work and focus on making strategic decisions.
  • Maximize ROI: Identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns and capitalize on market shifts for better results.
Adthena's new feature: Market Movements AI summary showing an example summary in the platform

More than just data – it’s actionable intelligence

Market Movements AI Summary isn’t just about showing you data. It’s about providing you with the insights you need to take action. Staying at the forefront of AI innovation, we aim to constantly evolve to provide you with the most powerful tools available.

Who can benefit from this feature?

This one-click summary is valuable for advertisers in all industries. However, it holds particular significance for those experiencing seasonal fluctuations or whose performance is heavily influenced by external factors. Here are some specific examples:

  • Retail: Stay on top of consumer behavior shifts throughout the year.
  • Fashion: Adapt your campaigns to align with seasonal trends.
  • Travel: Navigate the ever-changing travel landscape with confidence.

The future of GenAI Market Movements

We’re always collecting valuable feedback from our users looking for ways to improve their experience. Future improvements for Market Movements AI Summary are: 

  • Expand to other areas of the Adthena app
  • Collect feedback on summaries (thumbs up / thumbs down)
  • Include date ranges and filters that impact summary

Ready to see the future of paid search intelligence?

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