UEFA EURO 2020 (not 2021, long story) kicks off today! For sportsbook advertisers, the tournament is a huge opportunity to capture not only betting revenue, but also new loyal gamers to cross-sell casino or poker products to in the long run.

But just as the national teams will be scouting the opposition for strengths and weaknesses, you need to observe and analyse your gaming opponents’ strategy and tactics.

Fans looking for action on the matches will be looking to search, which means your sportsbook brand must be at the top of the SERP (on mobile especially) with top offers. And with conversion windows very short given the fast-paced nature of the event, compelling offers are even more important.

And guess what: if your competitors are depending on Google for competitive insights, you can gain the advantage with Adthena. Because we’ll give you the inside track with market-wide visibility you can’t get anywhere else. 

Three ways to win the EUROs

1. Keep your budgets competitive and see threats coming

Google can’t tell you how much your competitors are investing in search for the EUROs, but Adthena can. With search intelligence, you can monitor:

  • How much your competitors are spending and across which search terms and categories
  • How competitive your budgets and share of spend are vs your competition
  • Shifts in budgets by competitors across campaigns and categories

2. Keep your offers and ad messaging enticing (and know what rivals are saying)

Sports betting is an incredibly fickle market and if your customers are using search to select a betting operator, chances are they are after betting offers. We know brand marketers hate to hear this, but in this field, enticing offers matter more than brand. Adthena gives you visibility into all the ad messaging your competitors are using, including welcome offers and incentives intended to lure away your deposits. You can monitor all those messages, see what’s working for your rivals, and go on offense with incentives of your own. With just Google data, you’re still in the dark.

Above: Ad copy analysis from the Adthena platform

3. Optimize your search term coverage to capture SERP traffic and deposits

Are your competitors bidding on EURO-related or generic football terms that you’re neglecting? Google can show you impression share, which is a good place to start. However, in order to make a truly considered and impactful entry, you’ll need to have a good grasp on the following:

  • Understand which competitors are bidding on what terms to evaluate your chances of success
  • Evaluate available clicks to estimate the impact and the potential uplift 
  • Estimate CPCs to help evaluate the potential ROAS and efficiency
  • Know what the most common offers and ad messages are so you can enter the action for these terms with competitive ad copy 
  • Monitor your competitors’ hourly search term activity, so you can identify windows of higher or lower competition

For global advertisers, you’ll need to tailor your strategy to each specific market. Because the tournament is being held across Europe for the first time in the competition’s 60-year history, with 11 host cities in all, you’ll need a localized search strategy to capture regional intent including different terms, tactics, and messages. Adthena Local View gives you insights (including visibility into your competitors’ local campaigns) on a city and country level, so you can tailor ad copy, offers, and targeting to maximize local market share.

To gain a sportsbook advantage with competitive search intelligence from Adthena, speak to Anna-Liisa at annaliisa.toom@adthena.com or request a demo today.