Why marketers must act now

In a global health outbreak that has raised uncertainty about nearly everything, advertisers find themselves scrambling to get their bearings. Tasked with staying ahead of market changes, paid search managers must now navigate uncharted territory in a crisis that has fundamentally changed how consumers behave. 

One thing that is certain is that marketers must act now. Otherwise, they risk losing out to competitors who have more relevant offerings, or damaging their own brands by pushing out pre-COVID marketing messages in a post-COVID world. 

As we all adjust to the new reality of social isolation, consumers and communities will be on the hunt for solutions that meet new challenges. Those new solutions may even become new habits that stay last beyond the crisis. Simply put, companies must pivot their strategies now or be left behind as competitors swoops in.

Tips for your strategy pivot 

Reallocate budget to new categories. Rapidly changing consumer behavior makes categories ripe for disruption from new players who can serve precise customer needs. A category that historically relied on foot traffic may suddenly need to pivot its strategy to focus on virtual experiences, e-commerce and delivery. At Adthena, we’re encouraging our clients to monitor their markets and shift budgets based on new needs and categories that have surfaced as a result of the pandemic.

Take the pulse of your customers. Consumers have new concerns, emotional states and constraints as they make significant lifestyle changes to deal with the virus. This is translating into markedly different behavior on search. It’s critical for you to place your search strategy in this context and understand how search queries are evolving as a result. Staying aware of new search term opportunities will ensure that you’re showing up when customers are searching and not left behind. 

Rethink your messaging. It’s not enough to simply send out one customer email about COVID-19 and then continue your ad campaigns as usual. Discerning consumers expect brands to step up and deliver a message that recognizes (or solves) any one of the challenges of this new reality. It’s never been more important to create ad messaging that resonates with your consumers and differentiates your offer from the competition.

Amid all the unknowns, there is one hard truth. As COVID-19 profoundly changes the way people work, live and play, every marketer should revisit their strategy to reach consumers and use their brand for the greater good.

If your business has been affected by COVID-19 and you’re exploring new opportunities for your search strategy, reach out to us today.