The news about COVID-19 continues to unfold and change at such a rapid pace, which has culminated in all office workers now working from home.

Despite an increase in home working in the past decade, for the majority of people, this will be their first time logging in via VPN, and the scale of the event is challenging for business leaders to keep their team productivity high. 

Project Management tools are having their moment. Cloud software is easy to set up and integrate into workflows, helping teams to continue to work together, moving projects forward on time, and making crisis management a little bit more organized.

But how is this playing out in paid search, and what’s happening on the Search Engine Results Pages? Who is seeing the opportunity to help businesses integrate new software early on to keep business-critical work moving? Adthena’s search intelligence platform has the answers.


Slack Dominates

Project management tool share of clicks

Since the beginning of March, Slack has been steadily increasing its click share from 45% to 54%.

Both Asana and make marginal increases to their click share by the end of the period.

As a result, Trello has more than halved its click share from 24% to 11%.


Spend remains consistent

project management tool share of spend

Despite the shift in click share, the share of spend has remained consistent throughout the month. has 53% of the share of spend despite their relatively low click share.

Slack is the most efficient advertiser in the group, spending the least but getting the most clicks, comparatively.

Trello has only slightly reduced their share of spend from 6% to 4%, despite the bigger losses in their share of clicks.’s brand terms are significantly higher than their peers, with an average CPC of $1.39-$5, compared to Trello’s $0.11-$0.27. 


Next steps

B2B technology companies should adjust their budgets to ensure full coverage during this time of increased demand for project management apps.

Double-check your smart bidding strategies as Google’s smart bidding tools can leave marketers vulnerable to red herrings and false alarms.

Stay on top of the news, and make sure you’re ready to react when guidance shifts.

We’re here, we’ll keep you updated, and we’re available to help you adapt your search strategy and buffer your business in these enormously trying times. If your business has been affected by Coronavirus and you’re uncertain about how to move forward with your search strategy, we’re here to help.