Before we dive in deep, let’s do a quick recap of close variants. In the Google auction, close variants allow keywords to match to searches that are similar, but not identical to your targeted keyword (a very simple example: floor and flooring). Using close variants helps you connect with people who are searching for your brand or product, despite slight variations in the way they search. This reduces the need to build out exhaustive keyword lists to reach your potential customers.

Google’s recent algorithm update, rolled out on September 7, 2023, has introduced a shift in how search volume data is calculated and reported, specifically for close variants. This update stresses the importance of quality, relevance, and user intent in content creation and search strategies.

In this blog, we’ll explore the intricacies of Google’s update and how it will further enrich Adthena’s data, through Whole Market View and a unique methodology that offers strategic and competitive insights for brands, marketers, agencies, and content creators.

Understanding Google’s algorithm update: From broad grouping to verbatim search

Before the update

Keywords were simply grouped based on perceived similarities by Google. So misspellings and variations of a single term were all grouped together. This certainly made it easier to understand search volume metrics but missed out on the subtleties of what the consumer was looking for and the intent behind their searches. 

After the update

Google no longer reports search volume by group (or intent) but reports search volumes for verbatim search phrases. This is going to naturally narrow the focus of keyword groups and lead to lower search volume estimates. But this is a good thing. Instead of one broad group with say 100,000 keywords, you will now have four more precise smaller groups with 25,000 keywords each (this is just an example). This better captures consumer intent and their search patterns in Google.

What this Google change means for you

Google’s new algorithm volume update allows for more accurate insights into each keyword, empowering informed decisions for digital marketers. Aggregated values, like Share of Voice, are now based on actual search volume, offering a more realistic reflection of market dynamics.

Adthena’s data enrichment

Data richness

Adthena’s approach ensures data richness by providing accurate volumes for each term, eliminating the ambiguity associated with close variants. Close variants will now receive more accurate volume information, leading to more precise Adthena metrics based on volume, such as estimated impressions. 

Brand Activator can drive you more savings 

Adthena’s award winning Brand Activator includes close variants in Lone Ranger savings calculation. A quick reminder, a Lone Ranger refers to brand search terms for which you are the sole paid search bidder and hold the #1 organic position. With this Google algorithm volume change, it will allow you to be more granular with which close variants to include or exclude from your potential Lone Ranger savings. 

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Data scale and strategic insight into your Whole Market View

With a Whole Market View, Adthena offers a comprehensive perspective on hourly terms, priority terms, user-managed search term groups, and brand terms, enabling advertisers to prioritize effectively.

Full market visibility of search terms

Adthena’s methodology brings greater market visibility, ensuring that meaningful terms take precedence over less impactful close variants. Adthena utilizes monthly search volumes, providing a comprehensive view beyond what’s available in Google’s Keyword Planner.

As the digital advertising landscape evolves, Adthena stands at the forefront, providing strategic insights, spend efficiency, brand protection, and a team of experts that empower brands, marketers, and agencies to navigate their search landscape effectively. The combination of Google’s algorithm update and Adthena’s robust methodology opens new opportunities to align marketing strategies with consumer intent, ensuring continued success in the world of digital marketing. 

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