On the train journey to my first day at Adthena, my mind was full of scenarios of what working in a London office would be like. I had a rough grasp on what the company did, but I still had no idea of what to expect. As a student who has found difficulty in deciding what line of career I aim to pursue post-Uni, I thought my week’s work experience would prove to be a valuable experience.  

When I first walked through the doors, I received an incredibly warm welcome from Account Manager Lucy, who was our Adthena coordinator for the week. After our initial introductions, my colleague Luna and I were given an office tour and brief introductions to each department. My office life preconceptions (stuffy, dull, silent etc.) went straight out the window. The friendly environment and personal greetings we received from everyone at the company made me feel at ease and comfortable. It made asking any questions I had easy, resulting in my week being an even more valuable learning experience. 

Our first point of business was an introductory meeting to the account management function, during which the fundamentals of the company, product and competitive intelligence for search were explained. Next up was our lunch with the Account Management team.

During our week, we had the opportunity to meet with other areas of the business from UX to Product and even the C-Suite managers. Everyone we spoke to highlighted Adthena’s core values and the importance of upholding customer success and being customer-obsessed. Beyond being exposed to different areas of the business we were also tasked with a few projects of our own. Adthena provided invaluable insight into and understanding the business as a whole, especially for someone like me, still figuring out the path I plan to follow.  

Wednesday was a special day, as we got to spend some time with the CFO and COO who spoke to us about their roles. They were incredibly candid in answering our questions and offered great advice on how to succeed in the workplace. We took our learnings with the executives into our conversation with the sales organization, understanding how they engage with clients, demonstrate the platform and cut through the intricacies of Adthena’s service.

Entering the office on Friday, I was sad knowing that this was my last day but I was super happy to look back on the amazing things that I had learned. Overall, my week of work experience provided invaluable insight into working in a professional environment where I gained a countless number of transferable skills, including my communication, presentation abilities as well as growing hugely in confidence. I received some amazing advice from almost everyone at the company, which I will carry with me to any career path I follow. We even had our professional headshots taken for LinkedIn, which you can now see right at the top of this blog!  


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