As we step into the digital landscape of 2024, the ever-evolving realm of paid search advertising is set for some intriguing transformations. As the CMO of Adthena, here are my six predictions for Google Ads changes, which paint a picture of a year focused on rebuilding trust, enhancing transparency, and embracing the power of artificial intelligence.

Prediction #1
Rebuilding trust: A ‘Reassurance Revolution’

The aftermath of a turbulent 2023, marked by manual auction price increases and a quest for clarity on spending, has set the stage for Google Ads to embark on a ‘rebuild trust offensive.’ The launch of the Transparency Centre in March 2023 was just the beginning, and 2024 is poised to see further investments in reassuring advertisers about the safety of their targeting.

A relaunch of an efficiency metric within the application is highly likely, unveiling the real mechanics of where advertisers’ dollars are spent. Transparency and trust are expected to be the buzzwords of the year, with a focus on resurfacing First-Price and Second-Price auction algorithms. Advertisers may even get the opportunity to ‘train the bot’ in Google Ads before campaigns kick off, ensuring a more personalized and effective approach.

Prediction #2
Guided Analytics and Account Insights

Google Ads is anticipated to push more guided analytics recommendations into advertiser accounts, fostering greater interaction with account trends and market movements. An overhaul of the ‘Overview’ page might be on the cards, providing advertisers with new levers to control spend, budgets, and awareness.

Prediction #3
Evolution of keyword targeting

In a bold move, Google Ads might eliminate the Exact Match option, leaving only Broad and Phrase via AI-powered targeting. The aim is to enhance targeting effectiveness, with AI smart enough to match brand terms to brand URLs. The merging of match types is on the horizon, offering a trade-off of re-inserting ad position for increased transparency into search term costs.

Prediction #4
The vanishing Search Query Report

Contrary to traditional practices, Google Ads might bid farewell to the Search Query report, relying on advertisers to trust their AI-driven solutions. While this may leave some advertisers feeling blind in the auction, the move aligns with Google’s intent to minimize scrutiny on where advertising dollars are allocated.

Prediction #5
Interface restriction for larger advertisers

A surprising prediction would be that Google Ads’ interface/data becomes exclusive to API or BigQuery for larger spenders. This shift aims to cater to advanced users seeking more sophisticated data and visualizations, pushing them towards more customizable solutions.

Prediction #6
Microsoft ads: The dark horse

In the midst of Google’s anticipated changes, Microsoft Ads emerges as a dark horse in 2024. Recent strategic acquisitions, including Xandr, Oribi, and Activision Blizzard, position Microsoft as a formidable player in the advertising space. With a focus on AI-driven solutions and an extensive advertising eco-system, Microsoft Ads could bring about innovative shifts, especially in the realms of gaming and search advertising.

What this means for advertisers

As we navigate the uncharted territories of 2024, the paid search landscape promises to be dynamic, transparent, and increasingly driven by artificial intelligence. Advertisers must stay agile, adapt to the evolving trends, and embrace the opportunities presented by these transformative changes. After all, in the fast-paced world of digital advertising, staying ahead of the curve is the key to success.

Choose your strategic partner to navigate these potential changes

In the midst of the predicted shifts and challenges in the paid search landscape for 2024, Adthena emerges as a valuable ally for advertisers navigating these changes. Let’s explore how Adthena supports advertisers in light of these predictions:

  1. Efficiency Metrics and Transparency:
    Adthena can play a crucial role in providing advertisers with comprehensive efficiency metrics. By offering in-depth insights into competitor strategies, Adthena’s award-winning Whole Market View technology helps advertisers understand where their competition is investing their budgets. This competitive intelligence fosters transparency and allows advertisers to benchmark their own performance against industry standards.
  1. Guided Analytics and Account Insights:
    Adthena’s analytics platform can complement Google Ads’ guided analytics recommendations. By offering insights into market trends, competitor movements, and keyword performance, Adthena’s Market Trends Report empowers advertisers to make informed decisions. The platform’s capabilities align with the need for advertisers to have a deeper understanding of account trends and market dynamics.
  1. Keyword Targeting and Match Types:
    With the potential removal of Exact Match in Google Ads, Adthena’s capabilities in tracking and analyzing keyword performance become even more valuable. Advertisers can leverage Adthena’s Search Term Opportunities solution to refine their keyword targeting strategies, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in a landscape dominated by Broad and Phrase match types.
  1. Search Query Report Replacement:
    Adthena’s search intelligence can fill the gap left by the potential removal of the Search Query report in Google Ads. The platform provides detailed insights into search queries, allowing advertisers to uncover valuable information about user intent and adjust their strategies accordingly. This helps maintain a high level of visibility and control over advertising efforts.
  1. Interface Restriction and Advanced Data Access:
    In a scenario where Google Ads’ interface/data becomes exclusive to API or BigQuery for larger spenders, Adthena’s platform offers a seamless integration. Advertisers can leverage Adthena’s API to extract comprehensive data, enabling them to analyze and visualize information in a more sophisticated and customizable manner.
  1. Microsoft Ads and Strategic Acquisitions:
    If competitors start investing less on Google Ads in favour of Microsoft Ads, Adthena’s market insights can help identify where these changes are coming from and which areas might present the most opportunity (on Google).
  1. AI-Powered Solutions:
    Adthena’s use of AI in competitive intelligence aligns with the industry-wide focus on AI-powered solutions. The platform leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data, providing advertisers with actionable insights and recommendations. Advertisers can stay ahead of the curve by harnessing the power of AI in their decision-making processes.


Adthena acts as a strategic partner for advertisers, offering the tools and insights needed to adapt to the changing landscape. Whether it’s optimizing efficiency, gaining transparency, or navigating the complexities of different match types, Adthena provides a comprehensive solution to empower advertisers in achieving their goals.

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