We’re here to tell you that search intelligence can be the make-or-break key to that strategy. Actually, we’re going to show you—with some revealing data we pulled up from Black Friday 2020 that exposes some big opportunities retailers missed because they weren’t monitoring the competitive landscape. 

The top shopping weeks are simply too important to just wing it in PPC. You have to know what your competitors are doing and when. (We bet these retailers wish they had!)

Three missed opportunities from Black Friday 2020

1) Selfridges get walked over in footwear 

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday week 2020, you can see that Farfetch increased their share of clicks on terms related to luxury footwear. At the same time, Selfridges lost 5-6% of their clicks during the biggest online shopping week of the year. 

Adthena insights – Above: Clickshare. Below: Share of Spend

2) LG raids the kitchen

At the start of the Black Friday week, LG increased their spend by almost 10%, catching both John Lewis and Amazon on their heels with dwindling spending. Both brands paid for the oversight, losing share of spend in terms relating to kitchen and dining during that period.

3) Farfetch bags early clicks

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most retailers were just beginning to be more aggressive on search terms related to designer bags, visible in the uptick in share of clicks from November 22 onward. But by that time, Farfetch was already a week ahead of the curve and had the advantage. 

Adthena insights – Above: Clickshare. Below: Share of Spend

As you can see, increasing share of spend at the right time correlates directly to click share. 

Fire up Adthena now so you don’t miss a thing in November

The Black Friday period is the most important season for many retailers, so we’ve focused our cautionary tales on that time of year. But the fact is, knowing what your competitors are doing, what they’re not doing, and who’s entering and exiting your market space is information you need all year long. 

With search intelligence from Adthena, you can be the one who’s ahead of the curve instead of left in the dust.

Let us show you how 

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