In today’s fast-paced world, it is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to keep up with the complexities happening across their search landscape. Traditional reporting methods may not suffice to understand the trends and derive insights needed to stay ahead of the competition. That’s where Adthena’s MyAnalytics comes in. It’s a new offering designed to solve this challenge by providing custom PPC analytics and tailored data stories that are unique to each customer.

With MyAnalytics, you can access a growing library of data stories designed specifically to address your unique challenges. The good news is that it’s all streamlined within the Adthena platform. 

We’re now giving you full control over how you access, discover, and take action on your MyAnalytics dashboards.

MyAnalytics Catalog is a new feature within MyAnalytics, it’s designed to empower users by providing a comprehensive catalog of reports. This feature allows users to browse, subscribe to, and manage reports directly within the Adthena application, enhancing users PPC analytical capabilities and allowing them to have more control over their MyAnalytics dashboard experience. 

Easily find which dashboards are relevant to you and your business. Check out some of our premium dashboards below. 

Premium Dashboards

Conductor Integration Dashboard

This dashboard provides visibility of both Conductor’s and Adthena’s data, with combined metrics and KPIs to support SEO and SEM use cases simultaneously. You can use it to get a holistic view of how your paid and organic activity works together, and quickly review cross-channel recommendations for improvement.

Seasonal Events

The Seasonal Event dashboard analyzes trends during seasonal events. A heatmap shows performance for the top 10 domains by your chosen metric across search terms. Daily performance heatmaps reveal competitor performance compared to daily and monthly averages. You can filter trends and ad impressions by competitor group, allowing you to compare strategies and optimize campaigns for seasonal success. Monitor which competitors are using phrases you want to track in their ad copy and get visibility on the saturation of promotional messaging in the market.

Absolute Demand 

This dashboard dives into a chosen metric, showing its absolute value compared to search trends and competitor data. Visualizations track how the metric changes over time alongside search volume. You can also see metric performance for specific search terms. A competitor filter lets you analyze against chosen rivals or the entire market, providing a comprehensive view of your metric’s performance.

Adthena's premium MyAnalytics showing three dashboards within the app

Share of Demand

This dashboard tracks a chosen metric alongside search trends and competitor performance. It shows how the metric changes over time compared to search volume. You can also see how the metric performs for different search terms. The competitor section lets you focus on specific rivals or view the broader market. This way, you can analyze your metric’s performance in detail.

Local Service Ads

This dashboard provides visibility of the average frequency and average number of Local Service Ads versus other ad types over the selected period and search term group. It also provides the top 20 competitors for local service ads by frequency. You can easily identify areas of opportunity for LSA expansion or identify local competitors less present on text ads.

Adthena's premium MyAnalytics showing two dashboards within the app

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