The Challenge

Caravan and Motorhome Club were looking to gain visibility on competitors in their market. They were also looking for data to prove which competitors were appearing on their brand terms, and to track and record evidence of brand infringements.

Ultimately, Caravan and Motorhome Club wanted to leverage competitive intelligence insights to increase leads, conversions, and new member sign ups.

The Solution

With Adthena’s Whole Market View, Caravan Club identified an increased number of competitive infringements, and from a greater number of competitors than they were previously aware of. These competitors were advertising on their brand terms, hijacking brand equity in the SERP. With Adthena the brand gained data and recorded evidence of these brand infringements, which enabled them to take further action.

By reducing infringements on brand generics Caravan and Motorhome Club increased the efficiency of their own conversions, resulting in a significant increase in new sign ups, and a 6.76% improvement on their cost-per lead.

By monitoring competitive activity, the brand were also able to discover new keywords for driving new member sign ups. These were identified by looking at competitive data from the Whole Market.

“By introducing new search terms discovered through competitive intelligence, Caravan Club were able to introduce new search terms to their campaigns, boosting new sign ups and resulting in a 280% increase in ROI from brand search ad spend.”

The insight

With Adthena Caravan and Motorhome Club have brought competitive brand infringements under control.

Brand Protection

Adthena identified a number of competitors bidding on brand terms than Caravan and Motorhome Club were previously aware of. Adthena’s data helped them quantify how brand infringements from these competitors were driving up costs-per-lead, and with their customer success manager, subsequently created an action plan to help them address this.

Strategic Planning

Adthena’s Strategic Planning helps Caravan and Motorhome Club understand how their search campaigns are performing relative to their competitors. Adthena provides an unrivaled understanding of the competitive search landscape, allowing them to track ad spend and search performance among their closest competitors.

Reporting and Success

Having quality data allowed Caravan and Motorhome Club to track and report on results and success after introducing brand protection measures. This enabled the brand to measure and iterate on their campaigns to encourage more new sign ups and achieve their success goals.

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