Strategic search intel for the C-Suite

Search intel for the C-Suite

How CMOs can solve strategic challenges with Search Intelligence

Scroll down to explore insights, blogs and videos to help you leverage the value of search insights. Plus – win over the rest of the C-Suite with our guide: How to position the strategic power of search in the boardroomDownload the guide

C-suite Blog: Search intelligence for your new 2020 strategy

Adthena’s CEO, Ian O’Rourke, shares data-driven insights for your strategy in a time of change.

How did one brand save $670k in annual revenue?

Find out how this price comparison site used AI to monitor rivals, save time and recoup revenue.

On Demand Webinar: Driving C-Suite strategy with paid search

Discover the power of paid search data and how to leverage it in the boardroom. 

Watch now: Why 90% of CMOs use search to inform decisions

In this 60 second video, you’ll discover the power of search intel to help you dominate in your market, pivot your strategy and influence the board.

The strategic power of search in the boardroom

Search Intelligence is a radar on your entire marketplace, and 90% of CMOs say it helps them make better decisions. Could you be the first to prove the value of search to the C-suite? In this guide, you’ll discover how to:

  • Prove your worth with AI-powered benchmarking
  • Win your audience at a glance with automated visuals
  • Speak the language everyone understands
  • Do the math (and show your work)
  • Paint a bigger, better business picture

Download the guide below.

Download the Guide

Find out how Adthena can help you to perfect your strategy. With AI-powered competitive intelligence, you’ll be able to accurately benchmark your campaign performance, optimize brand engagement and maximize ROI. Take a look at our Strategic Advantage solution.