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November 12 – 13 | New York, NY
Digital Marketing Financial Services Summit New York


Calling all Digital Marketers in financial services, Adthena wants to meet with you at the Digital Marketing Financial Services Summit in New York! Let’s talk paid search, competitive intelligence, Google Ads, and request your Search Intelligence Score. What’s the Search Intelligence Score you ask? Below are a few ways to learn more about it and how to request your very own score card.

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Attend Adthena’s Presentation Session

Title: How to compete for the top spot in finance search

Date/Time: November 13 @ 10:10am EST

Presenter: Ashley Fletcher, VP of Marketing @ Adthena, LinkedIn

Search is a fiercely competitive field, and staying afloat, let alone on top is challenging for even the most seasoned brands. Adthena’s pioneering CMO Search Intelligence Index ranks the search performance of the top 150 finance companies and provides key data-driven insights to understand your competitive landscape.

In this session, find out how you can make better strategic decisions and improve your results with search. Plus take a closer look at the leaders and challengers in finance. Get key takeaways:

  • The leaderboard of top-ranking finance companies in search
  • Deep dive into the search performance of the notable players
  • Actionable insights to improve your results
  • Top 5 tips for better digital investments

Get the inside track on achieving your goals with search.

Request your Search Intelligence Score

We’ve pitted the top 150 financial institutions in the US against one another see who’s performing best in search marketing. We’ve analyzed the search behavior of these finance players to create the CMO Search Intelligence Index. You can view the leaderboard and read the insights here

Taking it a step further, are you interested to see how your company performed?

If so, request your individual Search Intelligence Scorecard to see how you ranked against your competitors with custom recommendations to enhance your performance. 

Get Your Score →.

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