Brand Activator finally solves the problem of “Lone Ranger” keywords

Austin, TX — September 6, 2022Adthena, the leader in AI-powered search intelligence, today announced the launch of its innovative Brand Activator automation tool. The new platform feature resolves a longstanding source of inefficient spending in paid search advertising by automatically pausing bidding on search terms when a brand is winning organically and when no other competitors are bidding. 

Brand Activator will reduce total paid search costs for its users by an estimated 20% simply by eliminating this wasted spend, with enterprise brands saving up to $2 million annually. Using Adthena’s patented Whole Market View technology, these savings can then be reinvested back into paid search on higher-performing search terms to further increase overall Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Brands are wasting budget on Lone Ranger terms  

A Lone Ranger term is a keyword for which a brand currently has no rival bidders in the paid search auction and the brand appears in the #1 organic position on the search engine results page. Because the brand is winning the keyword organically and has no competitors in PPC, there’s no reason to pay for those clicks. Brand Activator automatically switches off and reactivates a brand’s bidding as rivals exit and re-enter the auction on a customer’s brand terms.

Lone Rangers can be extremely costly for brands, and identifying and addressing them manually is virtually impossible without automation, especially for enterprise brands with a large number of brand keywords in play.

“Adthena’s new Brand Activator could save many large brands millions of dollars a year” said Ian O’Rourke, CEO & Founder of Adthena “Nearly 70% of brands will see savings immediately, and the remainder will see costs go down within 40 days. Those savings in budget can be much better invested in higher-performing terms, which Adthena’s market-leading Whole Market View technology can identify. By reallocating paid search budget in this more-efficient way, our customers will achieve their overall goals, such as boosting market share, much faster.”


24/7 automated savings

Brand Activator automatically detects Lone Rangers for a customer and pauses bidding on those terms. Just as important, if a competitor re-enters the auction for that term, Brand Activator automatically resumes bidding so the brand doesn’t lose clicks or market share. The entire cycle is logged in detail in Adthena reports so search marketers can track all activities and savings, as well as reinvest in areas of growth directly in the platform. Adthena’s digital agency customers can achieve client saving commitments or, alternatively, reinvest the savings into new channels, new investment plans or upper funnel tactics to benefit their clients’ overall strategies.

“Optimisation of marketing spend is a primary objective of every marketer. The proliferation of adtech and martech has already enabled large swaths of the digital ecosystem to use data-driven intelligence and “always-on” automated platforms to optimise billions in ad spend. Adthena’s Brand Activator delivers this same capability to PPC advertisers for the first time at a critical moment.” said Ben Peck, VP Customer at Adthena. “We are thrilled to help our customers reach PPC goals with the confidence that valuable marketing spend is being “always on” optimised to deliver the most efficient and effective impact.” 

Empower teams to move budgets into new areas

Adthena’s platform users are already seeing enormous savings from the new feature. Travel company Avanti West Coast needed to maximize spending efficiency without sacrificing market share during the pandemic. Adthena identified multiple high-volume Lone Rangers, and the brand was able to stop spending on those terms without relinquishing clicks to its competitors. The brand saved an average of 32% each month, and by reinvesting the savings in other areas of growth in PPC, the company increased revenue by 13% on generic terms.

“Adthena helped us identify real spend efficiencies,” said Alison Yarrow, Digital and Media Manager, Avanti West Coast. Through their Lone Rangers, we’re able to stop spending on brand terms and reinvest that budget to areas that are more conducive to acquiring new customers.”


About Adthena

Founded in 2012, Adthena is an award-winning search intelligence platform. Our unique combination of patented, AI-driven technology and a world-class team of experts helps brands, marketers, and agencies across the globe dominate their competitive landscapes. 

We provide our customers with a clear view of the paid search landscape, helping them optimize their spend to increase ROI, all while saving them time and better informing their cross-channel strategies. 

Adthena’s solutions are powered by our market-leading technology. Whole Market View creates a unique market map of a client’s entire search landscape and Smart Monitor automatically detects threats and opportunities every day. Our award-winning Local View product provides the location-based strategic insights that marketers need to dominate at a local level.

Backed by Updata Partners, Adthena works with 300+ enterprise brands across a wide range of verticals including finance, retail, gaming, automotive, and technology. Brand customers include Bupa, Citibank, L’Oreal, M&S, Nespresso, Qantas, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Agency customers include Dentsu, GroupM, and OMD. In 2022 alone, Adthena has won nine major search industry awards, including the Drum Search Awards for ‘SEO & PPC – Best Search Software’ and the Global Search Awards for ‘Best Use of Search – Finance.’ 

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