• Unique, Results-Driven Competitive Intelligence

    Explore how Adthena’s machine-learned Whole Market View™ yields actionable insights – and boosts your campaign performance.

  • Did you know…

    Google Shopping ads on mobile win 40% of clicks in retail search.

    This benchmark study reveals the extent to which Google Shopping ads have become the most popular ad format, with ad spend now far in excess of text ads in retail categories.

  • Driving Mazda’s Paid Search Costs down by 31%

    See how Mazda uses Adthena to monitor their dealer network and significantly improve efficiencies to bring in more qualified leads.

  • Award Winning Industry Recognition

    Find out more about Adthena’s Award Winning industry recognition. Our recent triumphs include wins at the UK Biddable Media Awards ’17 and the Drum Search Awards ’17.

Your secret weapon for search

Search is vital for delivering new customers. Competitive blindness is not an option if you want to react quickly to a market that’s evolving daily. That’s why Adthena is your secret weapon. It delivers a unique, patented machine-learned view of your entire search landscape and all competitor activity so you can leverage every opportunity to win more customers.

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Revolutionizing search marketing through unrivalled competitive clarity

Adthena is the only competitive intelligence solution that uses machine learning to deliver a dynamic and comprehensive search landscape, tailored to your brand and your campaigns.

It effortlessly monitors millions of search terms to give you a full picture of your competitors’ paid and organic search activity – handing your team actionable insights to lower your CPAs, increase conversions and significantly improve your return on advertising spend.

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