Any search marketer can tell you the value of Google Auction Insights in assessing search performance against other advertisers in your auctions. But what if you could unlock even more? 

What if you could surface granular strategic data about each competitor across your entire landscape? What if you knew what they spend per click, what ad copy and messages they use, and how they perform beyond specified keywords?

It’s all at your fingertips when you pair Auction Insights with Adthena search intelligence.  Adthena gives you the complete market picture and also peels back more layers of data than Google can alone, so you can extract higher ROI from every campaign.

Make every insight actionable with Adthena

Adthena reveals what’s underneath and beyond Auction Insights, so you can identify which levers to pull, copy to alter, or search terms to prioritize to move the needle on performance and spend efficiency. You’ll not only know what’s happening, you’ll also know what to do about it.

Here’s what happens when you start with Auction Insights and then +Adthena competitive intel:

With Auction Insights, you can answer:

  • How are my CPCs influenced by the number of competitors bidding on my keywords?
  • Are new competitors bidding on my terms? 
  • Is my search performance impacted by any of my competitors.

+Adthena, AI maps out your entire competitive landscape and provides full clarity into your competitors’ strategies and bidding behavior. You can create search term groups and dive into data about each competitor, like share of clicks and share of spend.

(Adthena Data) Adthena shows you performance trends right out of the box, no scripts necessary.

With Auction Insights, you can view metrics like impression share, overlap rate, position above rate, top of page rate, and outranking share to track week-on-week trends.

+Adthena, you gain a full understanding of the whole market, including those <10% impression share competitors that you will see in auction insights, creative text, market, and search term performance.

(Adthena Data) Auction Insights offers basic metrics you can build on with Adthena.

With Google query reports, you gain a snapshot of information on each search term. 

+Adthena search term detail reports, you can capture both the estimated performance for all terms and sets of terms and how each term performs for each competitor. 

Auction Insights provides data on keyword bids and which adjustments to those bids will improve results. 

+Adthena, you get recommendations across each tactic that supports your overall search strategy: ad copy improvements, day-parting, lone rangers, and paid and organic harmony

Auction Insights gives you trended data if you apply a manual script.

+Adthena you can chart performance trends over time automatically and in seconds,  straight out of the box

Hungry for more? 

Discover more about why Adthena is the icing on the Auction Insights cake and the essential ingredient for market domination.

Want to whip up incredible results for a product launch? Or serve up something to make the C-suite salivate? Here’s a foolproof recipe that turns ordinary Google Auction Insights into a feast of satisfying ROI.

Try this award-winning recipe for ROI!

Servings: Infinite

1. Gather pantry staples from Google Auction Insights

    • Impression Share – How often another advertiser got an impression as a proportion of the auctions in which you were also competing.
    • Overlap Rate – How often another advertiser’s ad received an impression when your ad did, too.
    • Position Above Rate – How often another advertiser’s ad was shown in a higher position than yours.
    • Top of Page Rate – How often you or your competitor’s ad was shown at the top of the page, above the organic search results.
    • Outranking Share – How often your ad ranked higher in the auction than another advertiser’s.

2. Season liberally with Adthena search intelligence:

    • Daily observed data from the SERP.
    • Competitors by keyword and region.
    • Competitors’ full ad copy.
    • Exact ad position (1-6).
    • Shopping ad price and position.
    • Share of search.
    • Instant trend charts.
    • Estimated CTR and CPC.
    • Trademark infringements by competitors or partners.
    • Market share for affiliates and partners.
    • Lone ranger terms where you’re wasting spend.

3. Combine until a clear picture of your competitive landscape emerges.

4. Adjust to taste – carefully balance your automated and manual bidding strategy.

5. Let rise – performance, market share, and ROI.

Test for readiness  – when you dominate your competitive landscape (pairs well with Champagne) and see clear search savings. 

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“Adthena is an absolute necessity for our search team. Leaning on Adthena, we were able to track click share data accurately and timely during the launch to quickly seize opportunities when competitors were slow to respond.” Daniel Foot, Paid Search Specialist, Vodafone – Read the Vodafone case study here.

Do you want to learn more about how you can combine Google’s Auction Insights & Adthena search intelligence to get a clear picture of your competitive landscape and close the loop on ROI? Request a demo here.