Enterprise Rent-a-Car has introduced electric vehicles into its fleet and started initiatives such as the CarShare program with Princeton University which encourages students and staff to leave their cars at home. By taking an active role in sustainability, the car rental giant is developing its already-strong brand even more.

It’s not surprising then that in search, other car rental companies want to ride on Enterprise’s coattails and bid on their branded search terms in the hope of diverting traffic to their own rental sites.

We took a look at Enterprise’s brand position in paid search, and identified some vulnerabilities as well as some opportunities to shake off the competition and improve their brand clickshare.

Our analysis revealed a very competitive space in the market, where not only rental car companies, but also Online Travel Agencies with rental car offers are aggressively bidding on rivals’ brand terms.

Here’s what we discovered 

Enterprise.com currently holds:

  • 62% of paid clickshare (desktop plus mobile) on its own branded terms
  • 51% of its own organic clickshare. 
  • 31% of share of spend on its branded terms
  • A dominant clickshare position in mobile

Visual: Adthena data shows Enterprise’s brand clickshare vs competitors

Our top 5 PPC tips for Enterprise.com

To defend their brand online and improve their clickshare, Enterprise should:

  1. Consider increasing spend to stay dominant on its brand terms. 
  2. Test enhanced SEO efforts to reduce spend on irrelevant, low-converting and expensive branded terms. 
  3. Run an ad scheduling test to optimize when they are appearing on branded terms to maximize conversions. 
  4. Optimize its mobile strategy to maintain dominance on mobile and increase conversions from consumers actively looking for a rental car on-the-go. 
  5. Implement better keyword mapping and get more targeted with ad copy for specific branded terms. This would increase engagement and conversions when Enterprise does appear for branded terms, especially on desktop where they hold less clickshare.

With nine key competitors on their back, Enterprise’s clickshare in paid search is under threat and they would be wise to invest in Brand Protection. With solutions powered by artificial intelligence, keeping track of your competitors is now much easier. Monitoring competitor ad copy across your entire market and analyzing rival search term strategies at scale can now be fully automated. Find out more.



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