If you follow Google’s frequent updates, you may have noticed  they’ve quietly started testing a new bulleted text ad format across some AdWords accounts. While we don’t know if the test will translate to something more permanent, there’s good reason to take a closer look. Adthena can provide visibility, and here’s why that’s important.

Some industries need to act now

Reformatting a bit of ad copy may seem like no big deal, but it is if you’re a pharma or finance brand with strict marketing rules to comply with and approval processes to follow. 

Fortunately for our platform customers, Adthena has been able to detect instances of altered ads so those advertisers can immediately opt out of the test. Other clients have wanted to reach out to Google to get insights into their direct metrics. Either way, knowledge is power.

A preview of metrics to come

Even though the test is in its initial stages, Adthena has been able to gather valuable performance data for customers on their ads and their competitors. We can provide metrics for these new ad variations for your brand and your rivals, so you’ll know what you’re dealing with should Google formally launch the new format. 

The potential for high-caliber ads

There are of course many potential upsides to bulleted ads. Bullets break up big blocks of copy to make ads more digestible for consumers, and they can help you:

  • Highlight features and promotions
  • Make your descriptions stand out 
  • Occupy more space on the SERP (thereby taking it away from your rivals)

Adthena data can help you determine if and how much this format affects your results.

Stay ahead of market changes with Adthena

Whichever camp you’re in when it comes to bullet lists or other recent Google updates, Adthena is here to help. We can provide you with the insights you need to stay ahead of updates, competitor moves, and every change that happens in your market and your search landscape.

Reach out to me now at craig.pilkinton@adthena.com.