As you can see below, bidding on online GP search terms reflected the upward trend, with Healthcare Express entering the market in February and gaining 15%+ in market share by mid-April. Pharmica jumped in in May and followed the same trajectory, gaining more than 15% by July. Whilst Superdrug also ramped up their activity reaching 20% share, from 5%.

Paid Share of Clicks – Online GP terms:

What’s more, 85% of prescriptions are now being sent directly to pharmacies, so there’s no need to pick up a paper script. And if you choose home delivery for your meds, you can complete the whole process from quarantine.

There are signs that this disruption in healthcare delivery may be irreversible. Like many aspects of our post-pandemic lifestyles, from working from home to dining at home, it’s’ unlikely that we’ll ever completely go back to our ‘before’ behaviors.

One signal that this will be a long-term shift is that the tech industry is leaning in. There has been a rapid proliferation of new apps and platforms designed to facilitate secure and convenient healthcare services either via video or in local or unconventional settings. Nordic startup Practio, for example, aims to turn pharmacies into direct points of care for local communities. A UK digital health company has launched a smartphone app to help people with diabetes monitor their blood glucose levels and share readings, notes and medication information to their healthcare practitioners remotely. Even managing complex cancer treatments can now be accomplished via app.

Whether you’re a traditional healthcare provider or a new player with a big idea, how do you navigate this new landscape? How can private providers, homecare services, and footfall practices best adapt to digital becoming the new norm? How will companies like GoGoDoc rethink their business model with consumers moving away from its affordable in-home healthcare visits and toward telephone/video consultations? And how can new players know the best doorway to enter the market?

Search can guide your strategy 

The first step to adapting to this new marketplace is understanding who the players are, where the traffic is, and where the opportunities lie.  Adthena can help you navigate this new environment and craft a search strategy that will keep you ahead of consumer needs and healthcare trends. You’ll know which competitors are entering new markets, where there are windows to capture new share, and where to invest in an emerging market.