The Solution

In order to understand the impact of increasing non-brand click share, Tinuiti’s Paid Search team created a test campaign targeting the same demographics as their normal campaigns. DMAs were split between product and store campaigns with 80% of the budget going to product terms.
 The Tinuiti team used Adthena data to measure market share increase.

For the test campaign, click share was increased so it would rank in the top 7. Store sales were measured against the rest of the overall market on a Year-over-Year (YoY) basis for the categories mentioned. The test campaign budget was 5% of the total monthly budget during the four-month test. The control campaign received a large majority of its traffic from location and “furniture store” queries.

The four month campaign measured in-store sales for each DMA comparing it to the overall market during the same period. The DMAs 
 in the test had a 3.9% in-store sales increase YoY for the categories compared to the overall market. During the test period, direct traffic to the website decreased by only 22.5% YoY in test markets compared to the overall market.

The test proved value in product-themed search terms, which didn’t show nearly the return that location-themed terms showed. This took Tinuiti a step closer to building out a more revenue-driving search strategy.

“Adthena’s market share data provided the foundation for building a more coherent, revenue-driven search strategy for Bassett Furniture.”

Matt Shover, Paid Search Senior Specialist

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