iProspect boosts conversion by 102% with Adthena’s Ad Copy testing

iProspect leveraged Adthena's Ad Copy testing to update its brand and generic campaigns to be more competitive and responsive to the market in Shopping.

+102% Conversion value vs. previous period
+80% Traffic vs previous period
+62% Conversions vs. previous period

Main challenges

Updating the Ad Copy in Google Ads is a common strategy to maintain the relevance and interest of your ads over time. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know what will work if it has not been tested before. Likewise, in Shopping, it’s difficult to see if your prices are better than competitors unless you do manual searches.

This year, iProspect decided to use Adthena to update its Ad Copy in its brand and generic campaigns to be more competitive and responsive to the market in Shopping.


Refreshing the Ad Copy can be risky if they have not been tested before, and since the algorithm has to learn, testing new ads can take time.


Visibility on competitors’ Shopping ads is minimal unless you do manual searches.



iProspect took advantage of Adthena’s Top Ads feature to see which Ad Copy drove the highest estimated impressions, and check which CTAs their competitors used.

Adthena’s “Shopping Ads” section was used to compare the customer’s Shopping prices vs. competitors, and therefore, increase bids in the category where they had better prices than competitors.

Thanks to Adthena’s insights and the iProspect team, conversion value increased by +102%, traffic rose by +80% and conversions were up by +62%. Furthermore, the CTR of the brand campaign rose by +9.5%, and in the generic campaign, the CTR increased by +17.5%.

Exceeding customer expectations

We were facing a situation in which we were not very competitive vs competitors from a budget point of view, and the goal was to be as efficient as possible. Therefore, we had to make the most out of the opportunities available to increase sales. Thanks to Adthena, we were able to know which products our client had better prices than competitors and push in that category during that given period.

Rubén Fernández-Avilés,
Paid Search Manager

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