The Solution

Dentsu decided to use Adthena to respond more quickly to performance shifts during this critical time period. Thanks to Adthena, during the second to last week in November, Dentsu’s client saw a drop in spend from one of their top competitors. Dentsu was able to compare their client ́s active offers vs the competition. They did this in two strategic categories: Image and Micro.


One of their top competitors decreased their budget in the Image and Micro category and their discount was lower than Dentsu client ́s discount. Thus, Dentsu ramped up spend in the Image and Micro categories and this allowed them to increase revenue by +360% while driving traffic by +140% and impression share rose +37%.


Market Trends 

Dentsu took advantage of the Market Trends feature of Adthena to understand shifts in spend from competitors.


Top Ads

Adthena’s Top Ads section was used to monitor the different promotions live on the SERP and to see whether their discount was stronger than their competitors.


Thanks to strategic insights from Adthena, we’ve been able to identify our best compared to our competitors, allowing us to increase our revenue during the most important month of the year. This would not have been possible to do in a timely manner without the help of Adthena, which also saves us time.”

Celia Rosado, Paid Search Analyst
Rubén Fernandz-Avils, Paid Search Manager

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