The Challenge

Towergate insurance offer a range of specialist insurance products, and need to be able to segment the search landscape by niches and search term groups. When considering new markets, they require competitive intelligence to research the search landscape, conduct ad copy analysis, and do keyword research in potential new markets.

The Solution

Towergate have used Adthena for new market discovery in insurance niches such as photographic equipment, pets, and drones. Using Adthena’s competitive insights, Towergate scoped out the main advertisers in these areas, doing research into the number of ads per month, share of impressions, and performance of top ads. They also conduct ad copy analysis to identify the language and messaging around products available from competitor brands.

The Results

With Adthena, Towergate learn where the greatest ad and value propositions exist in new markets. In collaboration with Adthena’s Customer Success team, they built campaigns for new insurance products, and craft compelling ad copy around offers and CTAs which resonated among their target audiences. Towergate have replicated this success across multiple new markets during their partnership with Adthena, and continue to use Adthena’s solution to grow and optimize new and existing search campaigns.

“Adthena’s data has been invaluable for research and planning search campaigns. We often need to map out and analyse new and specialist insurance markets — and with Adthena’s data we can gain a thorough understanding of the space which informs our decision making.”

The insight

Towergate Insurance continue to use Adthena to surface actionable insights which can be used to optimize campaigns, and grow ROI for their insurance products.

Segmentation and device specific insights

Adthena’s powerful segmentation capabilities allow Towergate to zoom in on specific segments, and uncover detailed insights. These insights inform new search campaigns, and empower Towergate to make smart, data-driven decisions

Competitive intelligence and analysis

By scoping out new markets around key search term groups, Towergate are able to gain an understanding of potential key competitors. This allows them to craft compelling ads and CTA, and ensure they make an impact when entering new markets.

Reporting and success

Having quality data enables Towergate to track and report on success as they iterate and optimize campaigns. This allows Towergate to test new bidding strategies, CTA’s and ad copy and consistently improve on performance.

Empowering and replicable insight

Towergate benefit from the data quality and versatility of the Adthena platform. They continue to use Adthena, and work closely with the Customer Success team to identify detailed insights which make a real difference to their search performance in new and existing markets.

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