The challenge

Unibet operate in a highly competitive industry and rely on search conversions to bring in new business. They were looking for a competitive search intelligence solution to drive new player acquisitions, and to increase the overall ROAS of their ad campaigns.

Unibet’s overall objective was to reduce cost per acquisition for new depositing players. They were interested in Adthena’s competitive intelligence data, as a means of surfacing insights which could be used to drive this objective.

The solution

Unibet used Adthena’s unique competitive intelligence data to meet organisational KPIs. With these insights, they were able to decrease CPAs for new depositing players by 7% (30 day CPA, Sportsbook), and by 4% (30 day CPA, Casino).

“The competitive intelligence we get from Adthena is invaluable, enabling us to identify gaps in the market and focus our search advertising on winning new business.”

The insight: Increasing the effectiveness of ad conversions, and reducing CPAs

Whole Market View

Adthena’s competitive intelligence, which is powered by the Whole Market View, allowed Unibet to expand their knowledge of the market and implement changes driven by search insights. This helped them achieve their objective of winning new business and reducing cost per acquisitions.

Competitive intelligence

With Adthena’s competitive intelligence, Unibet were able to increase the expansiveness and relevancy of the search terms they were advertising on. This in turn increased the effectiveness of their ad conversions from search.

Search Term Opportunities

Adthena’s Search Term Opportunities dashboards, which are powered by machine learned insights of the competitive SERP, were used to expand search terms that Unibet were advertising on.

“The results we’ve achieved from this approach speak for themselves, reducing CPAs for new depositing players in both the Sportsbook and Casino arms of our business.”

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