As demand increases following COVID-19, many marketers in the financial services and insurance industries will be facing a challenge to drive results from their paid search with a reduced budget. Many marketers will face a similar challenge: CPCs will increase but your marketing budget remains stagnant, or worse, gets cut. But management is probably still expecting to see the same results and growth.

This means marketers need to go back to the drawing boards to find opportunities that allow them to compete in more efficient ways. So what are some of the strategies you can use to combat these rising CPCs to maintain a consistent performance? Where do you look for this information? How do you find the answers?PPC webinarIn this webinar, Adthena’s EMEA Financial Services expert, Sam Leppard, will uncover some of the strategies you can deploy to compete when your budgets aren’t increasing in-line with inflation or your budgets have been cut.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to use Competitive Intelligence data to your advantage
  • Identifying new opportunities in your space
  • Creating ad copy that speaks to new/existing markets
  • The importance of aligning PPC & SEO
  • How to protect your brand

Meet the presenter:

Sam Leppard

Sam Leppard
UK Financial Services Expert