Unlock the Power of SEO and PPC: 5 Proven Strategies for Maximum Marketing ROI

As a marketer facing economic uncertainty (and the resulting budget cuts), it’s more important than ever to rethink your company’s digital strategy.

But how do you maximize results when you have considerably less to work with? How should you allocate your marketing spend to generate the highest ROI possible?

In this session, Ryan Maloney, Manager of SEO Success at Conductor, and Alice Tonks, Paid Search Customer Success Manager at Adthena, walk you through five ways you can effectively leverage both paid and organic search to grow your business.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to combine paid and organic search data to inform strategies for both channels.
  • Steps to increase PPC and SEO harmony.
  • How to break down silos and align paid and organic marketing teams.
  • How to identify opportunities using organic and paid search data.

Find out why driving synergy between paid and organic search strategies is the key to boosting your performance this year.