At the crossroads of search & social advertising in the insurance industry.

Advertising in the insurance industry has become about more than just rates and premiums. With recognizable mascots and memorable campaigns, big insurance brands have shown they can compete with the best when it comes to gaining the attention of a large audience.

While these brands have certainly saturated the TV commercial space, how does their performance on digital compare?

Watch this exclusive webinar hosted by social experts, Pathmatics, and paid search experts, Adthena, for a deep dive into how some of the nation’s largest brands are conducting their digital ad and search campaigns, including:

    • A look at brands like Nationwide, Allstate, AAA, and more
    • A comprehensive analysis of digital campaign performance, Facebook ad placement, creative strategies, and messaging
    • Paid and organic search strategies, including messaging, calls to action, and conversions
    • Analysis of how search and digital strategies align or misalign, and what brands can learn from these findings