Banish Google Performance Max blindspots the G-SHOCK way

With Google’s automated Performance Max campaigns in place, your performance should be skyrocketing! But are you really gaining the precision and visibility you expected over where your spend is going across the various channels?

Watch on-demand as paid search experts Helen Dooner of performance brand agency, Journey Further and Angela Peral of Adthena, dive into the common challenges and limitations of PMax. With insights and best practices from client and leading brand, G-SHOCK, you’ll gain the exclusive knowledge to start moving your campaigns to new heights.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize negative keyword lists via shared library.
  • Expand your ‘Asset Groups’ copy.
  • Pair PMax with Adthena search campaigns to boost campaign learnings and ROI.
  • Create new ‘Custom Segments’ within audiences, guided by search terms and competitors.