The 10 top ad text combinations for the Travel Industry

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The online search market is extremely competitive for the travel industry. This is why we at Adthena

decided to investigate the ad copy trends which have emerged from this market.

We analysed data (for the period of the 1 st to the 30 th of June) which included 89 advertisers in the

Online Travel Agent PPC landscape. We analysed more than 6000 search terms which equated to

over 18 000 unique ads and more than 2 million estimated impressions.

We categorized ads by their message function and segmented the ad copy by specific themes to

investigate which of these were most effective. The full list of themes is as follows:




We split the results by the ads’ headlines and descriptions and the results were as follows.


graph 1

graph key


For the ad headlines we found that the top themes were ‘Seasonal’ and ‘Destination’. The term ‘Holiday’ drove most of the impressions within the seasonal theme with other references including ‘Summer’, ‘Winter’, ‘Christmas’ and months such as ‘June’.

Destinations were used more frequently and gained higher impressions within the ad headlines compared to the ad descriptions.


graph 2

graph key


Looking at the ad descriptions, the top theme was ‘Call to Action’. Terms like ‘Book’, ‘Compare’ and ‘Find’ were the top CTA’s used across the industry.

The ‘Seasonal’ theme also appeared often in ad descriptions with the third most popular theme being ‘FOMO’ or ‘Fear of missing out’. This theme plays on the customer’s emotions to create a fear of missing out and encourage impulse to purchase.

From our findings here are our suggestions for the best ad copy combinations for the travel industry:


Top ad combinations


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