Overcome top PPC challenges in complex finance markets

Discover the ultimate 3-step guide to help overcome the biggest PPC challenges in complex finance markets and improve your Google Ads performance.

Overcome top PPC challenges in complex finance markets

Intro: How to overcome top PPC challenges

Whether you’re a global bank trying to get an edge with ad copy or an insurance brand targeting customers state-by-state – Adthena goes beyond what Google shows you, so you can see every competitor move and shape your strategy for success.

Our award-winning AI driven, Whole Market View technology gives you visibility of the entire finace search landscape, so you can:

  • Grow profitably with competitor insights
  • Improve visibility and identify wasted budget on brand terms 
  • Contextualize performance with informed search insights

In this 3-step Enterprise search guide, reveal how leading finance brands like Legal and General and Staysure can overcome the biggest PPC challenges, and save money while increasing ROI and conversion quality.

1. Grow profitably with competitor insights

Struggling to identify headroom for growth?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you understand the impact of branch closures on retention and engagement? 
  • Are you capitalizing on how users’ search behavior adapts to new financial regulations?
  • Are you missing vital insights on competitor performance, such as impression and click share, search terms, spend and messaging?

The Adthena Solution

Use Adthena’s Market Share report to get visibility into competitor market share, share of spend, and other key performance metrics contextualizing what’s driving market share for each competitor. This will help you to benchmark yourself against top competitors, review market position by category and identify room for growth.

Using Adthena’s Market Share report, we’ve identified that admiral.com holds the largest share of spend for desktop ads vs their three key competitors.

Adthena’s Market Share shows the share of spend for four UK finance brands.

Appearing on terms that negatively impact CTR and CPCs?

Ask yourself:

  • How do you understand the movements of challenger brands and super brands in your markets?
  • Are you manually monitoring the SERP to determine which terms have the most competitors appearing on them?
  • Can you identify the most cost-effective terms in a market with high CPCs?

The Adthena Solution

With Adthena’s Search Term reports, you can easily identify terms your competitors appear on that you do not, see which terms have the most competitors appearing on them, as well as the volume potential and estimated cost. 

In the search term opportunities report for creditkarma.com, we identify 6 missing brand terms, where competitors are appearing but they are not. Meaning competitors are taking clicks from customers searching for their brand.

120 new search term opportunities were identified where additional budget could be applied to take away Total Share from competitors.

280 underperforming terms shows keywords that creditkarma.com has in their Google Ads accounts, but are not showing a Paid ad on page one of the SERP.

Adthena Search Term report showing opportunities against competitors

2. Improve visibility and identify wasted budget on brand terms

Cannibalizing organic traffic and unknowingly wasting budget on brand?

Ask yourself:

  • Are you still paying for clicks when you have reached the top position on the SERP for both paid and organic search terms, with no other bidder?
  • Do you have sufficient visibility into competitor activity to inform which keywords to test?
  • Are you alerted if competitors return to the auction so you can respond?

The Adthena Solution

Adthena’s Brand Activator automatically pauses Google Ads bidding on brand terms a company is already winning organically and where no other competitors are bidding. Paying for these “Lone Ranger” terms unnecessarily wastes search budget.

For monzo.com
, 57 Lone Rangers have been identified, with an estimated saving of $13,619.

Adthena's Lone Ranger report showing total savings for Monzo bank

Adthena's Lone Ranger reporting showing savings for each keyword against competitors


The price of getting our decisions wrong would have seen us hit the rocks. Adthena enabled us to navigate choppy waters as a business, and helped me to forge stronger relationships with senior leaders by having reliable data to act upon.

James Robinson
Head of Marketing Technology

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3. Contextualize performance with informed search insights

Can’t explain change in performance?

Ask yourself: 

  • Do you understand market or location conditions for new products and services?
  • How do you accurately identify the best season and time to advertise new products?
  • Do you know when your competitors change their activity or distribute their spend at different times of the year?

The Adthena Solution

Adthena’s Market Trends monitors the trends and seasonality that really matter, such as average CPCs in the market, competitor market share, and average position, allowing you to easily see what is changing across the different areas you compete in.

Using Market Trends, usbank.com is appearing as holding the highest share of clicks during the specified period, with bankofamerica.com and wellsfargo.com, their closest competition. 

Adthena's Market Trends showing share of clicks for top finance brands


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