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We keep this as simple and personalized as possible. Here are the typical steps you can expect as we get you prepared for your demo and beyond.

Step 1: Introductory call
Your local, dedicated search consultant will meet you on a short Zoom call to understand your current PPC pains, campaign structures and bidding strategies.

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During the live demo, we’ll walk you through how Adthena can solve your pains using live data that you are familiar with.

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See behind the scenes of Google Ads

In a highly competitive blind auction, how do you see what you are doing?

Adthena’s core technology, Whole Market View, goes beyond what Google shows you, automatically gathering competitive analysis on your markets every day, so you can:

  • Analyze your market and rivals
  • Uncover risks and opportunities
  • Improve ROI in search

Drive better value from paid search

Discover why Adthena is the essential tool enterprise brands need to ensure success in Google Ads.

In this video, Adthena’s CEO, Phillip Thune shares how customers save hundreds of thousands in search and reinvesting for greater return on investment.

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