The challenge

World First wanted a strong paid search strategy, but armed only with data from Google AdWords it lacked the insights or the confidence to create one. It needed a solution that would expand its knowledge of global markets, grow its keyword lists and keep costs down by monitoring and preventing brand infringement.

The solution

Adthena’s ‘whole market view’ immediately improved data and keyword quality and delivered highly accurate reporting. Using this intelligence, World First launched successfully into new territories with powerful campaigns – some supported by TV advertising. Thanks to Adthena’s automated reports, the company was able to identify competitors bidding on its TV campaign terms, and put a stop to them. World First now uses Adthena as the main plank in its paid search strategy as it consolidates existing markets and expands into new ones.

“I’ve been really impressed with the way it collects data – it’s very important to me
 to have an independent data set to rely on, both for building our global campaigns, as well as our core UK market. The impact has been great – it’s given us a whole new way of being able to target our users around the world. Now we have the information at our fingertips.”

The insight: Succeeding in new markets with integrated online/offline marketing campaigns

Greater intelligence gathered from whole market view

Before World First switched to Adthena, it lacked detailed intelligence on its paid search strategy which led to campaigns that were siloed and based on instinct rather than insight. Adthena’s Whole Market View changed this by providing detailed intelligence and actionable insights.

Measurable impact of TV spend

It can be hard to measure the impact of traditional TV ad campaigns, but Adthena brought measurability to World First’s by integrating them with paid search. As Adthena delivered intelligence about competitors bidding at peak times, World First could react fast and make their spend more efficient.

Automated reports keeping competitors at bay

Speed is of the essence in keeping competitors at bay in the paid search market. As Adthena’s ‘always on’ solution delivered real-time intelligence about brand infringements and keyword opportunities, World First could steal a profitable march on the competition.

Effective targeting of users across the globe

Businesses like World First need to target customers across many different global markets if they are to succeed and expand. With Adthena, World First can now analyze the money transfer market in detail – in any location – allowing them to target customers accurately and for a lower cost.

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