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Is Amazon responsible for Sears bankruptcy?

By Pat Hong — 15th October 2018 — News

Sears are filing for bankruptcy today in news that has shocked the US retail industry. The 132 year old retailer is the last in a string of brick-and-mortar retailers that have folded in these past mo…

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Apple Card launch: What did competitors miss?

By Alexandra Shneur — 8th October 2018 — Finance & Insurance

Apple Card launch: What did competitors miss? Did you feel the earth shake on August 20th? Credit card companies sure did. That was the official launch date of the new Apple Card, a disruptive new ch…

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The Search Landscape: Finance [Report]

By Pat Hong — 18th September 2018 — Finance & Insurance

Customer acquisition in the online finance industry is changing. In saturated market conditions, where competition intensity has created high CPCs on generics, the battle for new customer acquisitions…

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The Search Landscape: Travel [Report]

By Pat Hong — 18th September 2018 — Travel

Search advertising in travel is changing. New ad formats, such as Google Hotel and Flight ads, are redefining ad space in the sector disrupting markets and ad spend. Adthena's new report covers how b…

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Introducing Adthena Labs

By Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji — 12th September 2018 — Feature Release

One of the major challenges in search is getting actionable intelligence and insights from large datasets. Visualization tools and APIs can be used to discover bespoke insights, however building integ…

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The World of Search and iGaming – Infographic

By Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji — 10th September 2018 — Gambling

UK iGaming is one of the most competitive search verticals. The industry has many sector specific challenges, which include high CPCs, strict advertising regulations (such as remarketing/retargeting r…

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Adthena nominated for The Drum DADI Awards

By Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji — 10th September 2018 — News

Adthena has once again been shortlisted for The Drum DADI Awards. We have not been shortlisted for 1 but 3 awards including; Interactive, Entertainment Website, Game or Campaign with Kindred Group, U…

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Back to School 2018 – The Battle for Domination

By Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji — 4th September 2018 — Education

Every year parents prepare their children to return to school. Which means that every year retailers are in a battle to be the leader in sales. From August 1st - 15th looked at which retailers were co…

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