The Challenge

Catena Media operate in highly competitive markets and require detailed intelligence to increase performance in search. In order to inform decision making, Catena Media need quality data, and to measure and track performance when changes are made.

The company looked to use Adthena to monitor competitor performance across the whole market, and to identify opportunities for Catena to improve search performance.

The Solution

In partnership with Adthena, Catena Media increased the keywords they were monitoring across their market by 58%. This enabled them to spot a greater number of opportunities on desktop and mobile separately, as Adthena was able to provide insights on more niche, lower volume terms.

By doing this, Catena identified a key competitor who were investing heavily in mobile. With this data, Catena were able to scale up their mobile campaigns, and achieved a 26% increase in First Time Depositors, a core performance metric.

“Adthena provides us with crucial data to support consistent campaign performance. We are able to segment data by market and device, which allows us to optimize our device targeting. Within the first 90 days, were able to increase FTDs by 26%. An amazing, and measurable result!”

The Insight

Catena Media continue to use Adthena to surface actionable insights which can directly affect search performance in their markets

Segmentation and device specific insights

Adthena’s powerful segmentation capabilities allow Catena to zoom in on specific segments, and uncover detailed insights which translate into actions for their campaigns.

Competitive monitoring and search term opportunities

By building out keyword diversity and search term groups in Adthena, Catena are able to monitor key markets and niches, allowing them to keep an eye on competitors and identify opportunities for growth.

Reporting and success

Having quality data enables Catena Media to track and report on success as they change and optimize campaigns. This allows Catena to measure and iterate on bidding strategies, and consistently improve on performance.

Detailed competitive intelligence

Catena Media benefit from the data quality and versatility of the Adthena platform. They continue to use Adthena, and work closely with the Customer Success team to identify detailed insights which make a real difference to their search performance as well as the wider business.

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