Because Eurostar’s brand is so strong, it needs to prevent competitors and resellers from bidding aggressively on its brand terms – otherwise the cost per click gets driven sky high. To make this happen, Eurostar turned to Adthena.

The challenge

Supported by its digital marketing agency, iProspect, Eurostar wanted to manage the way resellers bid on its brand terms. Adthena immediately provided automated intelligence on who was bidding on Eurostar brand terms and, in one case, identified a reseller who was bidding aggressively as part of a wider digital and traditional media campaign. This was making the cost per click leap from pennies to pounds.

The solution

Adthena’s gave iProspect and Eurostar the intelligence it needed to measure the impact of brand bidding on its paid search budget. Using metrics from Adthena they could then analyse ad copy, engagement and search trends to build an agile bidding approach that would maximise revenue and cut costs. It worked.

“By using Adthena, we were able to save money on our CPCs without investing a single penny more. We’ve already started to trial this strategy with Adthena support in France and UK, achieving astonishing gains. As a result Eurostar can generate extra revenue through simple efficiencies on keywords. Savings have been reinvested into other core areas.”

The insight: Automated Competitor Intelligence that keeps Eurostar ahead of the competition

Measurable insights with immediate cost savings

Thanks to Adthena’s real-time, whole market intelligence, the iProspect team has immediate access to key insights. New keyword opportunities and competitor intelligence means they can quickly implement new paid search strategies for Eurostar, resulting in more effective and cost-efficient campaigns.

Savings reinvested in a fast moving search market

Stronger, insight-based campaigns deliver immediate and ongoing savings in lower costs per click. This money is reinvested in paid search, delivering more business to Eurostar.

Reacting to auction challenges instantly

When a competitor or affiliate bids on brand terms or new keywords, Adthena alerts the iProspect team immediately, allowing them to take action before costs soar or opportunities are missed.

Agile Bidding approach helping support multiple markets

Adthena is a global solution, supporting businesses as they target multiple markets in different countries. This is ideal for Eurostar, which is competing for customers across the UK and mainland Europe, because it delivers them a larger slice of the cake.

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