To avoid losing market share, brand equity and revenue to dozens of competitors each day, the brand needed to redefine their paid search strategy and how they activated data-led insights across their business – from PPC teams all the way to the C-Suite.

The Solution

Thanks to our AI-driven search intelligence technology, the company now leverages Adthena’s granular Whole Market View data for its 12 products (from insurance to utilities), directly feeding into all teams through Market Share & Brand Infringement reports.

The company now approaches budget and strategic planning armed with intel on relevant market trends and key analysis of potential new markets. The leadership teams are empowered to use market intelligence to inform their long-term business and product strategies.

With the business now utilizing a redefined approach to data-led insights, they can now proactively capture and prevent trademark infringements from over 20 competitors on a daily basis, resulting in more than $670K of recovered revenue per year.

“As an online platform, we rely heavily on our paid search strategy to bring new customers to our
website. With Adthena, we’re able to apply insights on competition across every area of our business, from front-line PPC teams all the way up to product owners and senior executives.

Having an industry-leading strategic partner for competitive intel gives us a huge competitive advantage to win in our market.”

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