The challenge

Aggressive brand bidding by competitors was driving up the CPC of Princess Cruises’ paid search campaigns. In order to meet their business objectives, they needed to reduce spend on brand terms and invest budget on broader search terms to target new audiences researching their next holiday.

The solution

Adthena allowed Princess Cruises to quickly and effectively reduce their CPC by monitoring brand terms and identify competitor infringements. They then used Adthena to create bidding rules to maintain the top position for their brand terms.

They used Adthena to identify new high-performing, low-competition keywords, resulting in two thirds more website visits via paid search than the previous year.

“Adthena’s Competitive Intelligence solution gives us vital information on advertiser performance in relevant auction markets, allowing us to identify new opportunities, outperform competitors and significantly cut the average CPC for our brand terms.”

The insight: Princess Cruises stay ahead of the Search game thanks to real-time automated intelligence

Automated reports keeping competitors at bay

  • Adthena gave instant intelligence to Princess Cruises whenever a competitor bidded on one or more of its brand terms. The team were able to react quickly to changes as they happened, resulting in a lower average cost per click and consistent higher rankings for its own terms.

Power to invest in new search terms

  • Princess Cruises made significant savings on their brand terms and were able to invest budget in targeting new customers unaware of their cruise offering. Adthena insights helped them discover which terms to bid on to drive the growth they needed.

Increase in search traffic leading to customer acquisition

  • The extra investment in new search terms resulted in a major increase in website traffic. They were able to reach new audiences at a crucial point in the buying journey, resulting in more holidaymakers booking their cruise with Princess Cruises.

Improved bidding accuracy from a whole market view

  • Adthena’s whole market view gave Princess Cruises real-time actionable intelligence to improve their bidding accuracy and lower their average CPC. Using machine learning they were able to continuously identify new keywords giving them an advantage over their competitors.
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