Simply Be’s campaign was conducted in collaboration with the global media agency CARAT.

The Challenge

Simply Be were looking to expand their search presence in the Swimwear and Lingerie categories. To do this they needed to quantify how they were performing in search relative to their closest competitors, and to gain an understanding of their competitors’ bidding strategies. This would allow them to gauge how much growth potential remained in the lingerie market.

Simply Be hoped to capitalize on these insights, and to use Adthena’s Search Term Opportunities to ensure strong coverage across each of these categories. Adthena’s ad copy analysis and insights could then be used to help Simply Be craft the most compelling ad copy, enabling them to the beat deals and promotions of their closest competitors.

The Solution

Simply Be analysed Adthena’s daily Google Shopping trend data to gain an understanding of the competitive landscape. They also monitored month-on-month market share, and benefited from Adthena’s automated segmentation capabilities via Deep Learned Groups. To help develop the most effective ad copy, they utilized Adthena’s Top Ads feature to gain insights on which ads were performing best in the space, and tuned the ad copy of their own campaigns so that it would resonate better with customers.

Simply Be were able to gain insights that informed new testing strategies, and helped them capitalize on large gaps in the market. In addition, over 1000 new keywords were added to their campaigns, and the overall result was an impressive 11% increase in share of impressions. As a result of fine-tuning their ad copy, Simply Be experienced a 27% improvement to their CTRs in Swimwear and Lingerie categories.

“Adthena’s ad copy insights encourage us to try new strategies and techniques in our campaigns, to further improve the relevancy and reach of our ads. As a result, we’ve increased introduced new keywords and refined our existing ads to generate more impressions, and bigger revenues from search.”

The insight

Simply Be continue to benefit from the actionable intelligence provided by Adthena.

Competitor marketing intelligence and analysis

Adthena’s Strategic Planning helps Simply Be understand how their search campaigns are performing relative to their competitors. Adthena provides an unrivaled understanding of the competitive search landscape, and allows them to segment the market by specific product types such as Swimwear or Lingerie.

Gap analysis and market opportunities

Adthena’s gap analysis features support Simply Be with insights that help identify the biggest opportunities in the market. It helps them understand where their competitors are focusing their SEM activity, and where there are still opportunities to expand.

Ad Copy insights

Adthena’s ad copy insights, which draw from years of historic competitive data, provides unrivalled data analysis and insights for advertisers, so they can develop excellent ad copy across their campaigns, and make an impact on the competitive landscape.

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