The challenge

Swinton has a broad portfolio, including car, home and commercial insurance products. Developing an effective paid search strategy for all of these offerings is a major challenge in itself, but it is made far more difficult by an industry that is increasingly dominated by comparison sites pushing costs-per-click skywards.

The company chose to use Adthena because it wanted to monitor its own brand terms and prevent competitors from bidding on them – thereby cutting the cost of each click drastically. It also wanted to develop its mobile paid search strategy, where more and more potential customers are to be found each year.

The solution

Adthena’s ‘whole market view’ immediately began to deliver results. Its automated technology identified profitable new keyword opportunities, many of which were being used by rivals. Instant brand infringement reports meant that Swinton could take action – leading to the cost per click on brand terms being halved. Adthena’s mobile function also allowed Swinton to unearth search trends and build a powerful new strategy for mobile paid search.

“Being in a very competitive marketplace, it’s vitally important that we have the capability to monitor brand activity. It’s great for us to have the ability to monitor
our trademark terms
– it allows us to act
on infringements. The CPCs were extremely high on brand terms
and by introducing the infringement report, it’s halved the CPC.”

The insight: Highly efficient reduction in CPC brand terms delivers new opportunities for campaign expansion

Always-on brand monitoring

With 24/7 brand monitoring, Adthena alerts the Swinton team whenever a competitor bids on its brand terms – meaning they can take immediate action and keep costs per click low in a highly competitive environment.

A broad portfolio of terms now easier to manage

With so many products covering the car, home, personal and commercial insurance markets, it is a challenge for Swinton to manage such a broad portfolio of search terms. Adthena makes this simple, immediately informing the team how all chosen terms are performing.

Uncovering new profitable keyword opportunities

Adthena’s whole market view not only measures search term performance, but it identifies new keyword opportunities that are likely to deliver profitable results.

A mobile-first paid search strategy

Because Adthena measures mobile performance separately, it has been possible for Swinton to develop a mobile-first strategy. With mobile increasingly becoming the platform of choice for insurance customers, Adthena has delivered significant new business in this way.

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